Daniel Silva – A Death In Vienna

Daniel Silva – A Death In Vienna is the author’s fourth book in the series featuring Gabriel Allon.

The release date of this novel was February 23, 2004.

A Death In Vienna book description

It was an ordinary-looking photograph. Just the portrait of a man. But the very sight of it chilled Allon to the bone.

Art restorer and sometime spy Gabriel Allon is sent to Vienna to authenticate a painting, but the real object of his search becomes something else entirely: to find out the truth about the photograph that has turned his world upside down.

It is the face of the unnamed man who brutalized his mother in the last days of World War II, during the Death March from Auschwitz. But is it really the same one? If so, who is he? How did he escape punishment? Where is he now?

Fueled by an intensity he has not felt in years, Allon cautiously begins to investigate; but with each layer that is stripped away, the greater the evil that is revealed, a web stretching across sixty years and thousands of lives.

Soon, the quest for one monster becomes the quest for many. And the monsters are stirring…

Daniel Silva A Death In Vienna

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