Daniel Silva – Moscow Rules

Daniel Silva – Moscow Rules is the 8th installment in the series of Gabriel Allon books.

This novel had a publication date of July 22, 2008.

Moscow Rules book description

The death of a journalist leads Gabriel Allon to Russia, where he finds that, in terms of spycraft, even he has something to learn.

This is not the grim, gray Moscow of Soviet times but a new Moscow, awash in oil wealth and choked with bulletproof Bentleys.

A Moscow where power resides once more behind the walls of the Kremlin and where critics of the ruling class are ruthlessly silenced.

A Moscow where a new generation of Stalinists is plotting to reclaim an empire lost and to challenge the global dominance of its old enemy, the United States.

One such man is Ivan Kharkov, a former KGB colonel who built a global investment empire on the rubble of the Soviet Union.

Hidden within that empire, however, is a more lucrative and deadly business: Kharkov is an arms dealer – and he is about to deliver Russia’s most sophisticated weapons to al-Qaeda.

Unless Allon can learn the time and place of the delivery, the world will see the deadliest terror attacks since 9/11 – and the clock is ticking fast.

Daniel Silva Moscow Rules

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