Gabriel Allon Series

On December 19, 2000 Daniel Silva published The Kill Artist, a book that introduced the world to Gabriel Allon – a character who uses his role as an art restorer as cover for also being a spy and assassin in adventures that take him all over the world.

More than a dozen novels have been released in the Gabriel Allon series, so to help you read them in the correct order this page has a list of all the novels in chronological order.

The list links to pages for each of the books where you can find the following details:

  1. The date it was published
  2. A description of the novel
  3. An image of the front cover
  4. A link to the story on Amazon

To see how these novelsĀ fit in with all of his other releases, we have a separate page with a complete list of Daniel Silva books in order.

Gabriel Allon Series In Order

  1. The Kill Artist
  2. The English Assassin
  3. The Confessor
  4. A Death In Vienna
  5. Prince Of Fire
  6. The Messenger
  7. The Secret Servant
  8. Moscow Rules
  9. The Defector
  10. The Rembrandt Affair
  11. Portrait Of A Spy
  12. The Fallen Angel
  13. The English Girl
  14. The Heist
  15. The English Spy
  16. The Black Widow
  17. House Of Spies